TMG Express

This project for courier system, it is application covering all related process and documentation for courier system. Currently it work […]

Chip Dicing Application

There are 2 integrate application that develop for this projects. First, web based application for logistic process such as register […]

Alarm Notification

This is an integrated application that interface with realtime machine status on production. If there are any issue related productio […]


AOK – ERP System

Please visit this link for more details :

Packing Collation System

Background Need a integration system that can keep security of data, early warning system of wrong data scan when machine […]

Make Automation Machine

Provide automation machine based on customer request. we use high technology and eficiency concept to make great machine, use recomended […]

Pressure Monitoring System

Background Efficient work system is a good technology for increase man power productivity. If before now an employee should direct […]

Electrical Control Box

We develop electric control box for machine, building or any purpose based on customer request. We start make control box […]

Asset Maintenance System

This application provide company maintenance recording system so all maintenance can scheduled and clean record for report. Here some feature […]